For those of you who know Catriona, one of the Children's Rights Officers (ex Participation Officer) this is a poem that was written for her leaving, instead of a speech. She loved it! Some of you will have been there and so heard it before.

Ode to Catriona

There was a fair lass called Catriona
At the start none of us lot had seen her
She was given a task
It was such a big ask
But she really could not have been keener

Set up a kids council they said
So Catriona went steaming ahead
It's such a success
We'd expect nothing less
She deserves this good praise to be spread

Listen up tho, her skills don't stop there
They are many plus she sings and she cares
You've had lots of fun times
With her by your side
I know you'll miss her and her bright curly hair.

But let's not be tearful or sad
Remember all the good times you've had
She's not going too far
And she knows where you are
You're bound to see her again so be glad

So finally just let me say
Lets have fun on Catriona's last day
Lets give her a send off
That she can be fond of
And never forget come what may.