Who We Are and What We Do...

If you are a Leicestershire child in care, you are automatically a pupil of the Leicestershire Virtual School.

Did you know that there are over 300 Leicestershire children of school age in care?

It is a 'virtual' school because it doesn't exist as a real building but we do have a real school head and staff working hard to help you to achieve your best.

Your education is important and during your time in school and college we want you to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding which you will need to build your successful future life.

We work with you, your schools, your carers and social workers to ensure that you receive the very best education possible and achieve your full potential.

You may already have some ideas about what you want to do when you leave school, college or university. Whatever you might want to do, your education will help you to achieve it and we are here to help you realise your goals!

Our Pledge

Leicestershire: supporting your education and personal development

We will:

  • Make sure you have a school place and access to education
  • Make sure you go to the best school for your needs
  • Always try to make sure you do not have to change school in Years 6 or 11 except in exceptional circumstances
  • Support you in learning to read and to enjoy reading
  • Make sure you have a PEP (Personal Education Plan) meeting three times a year
  • Make sure the Pupil Premium is used to help improve your learning
  • Make sure you are given the right sort of advice on careers or further education
  • Encourage and support your Post-16 learning
  • Support your carer and social worker to take an active role in your education
  • Encourage you to have hobbies and attend out of school activities

Our Staff

The Virtual School has a team of Education Improvement Officers who are interested in how well you are getting on at school and make sure you have good quality PEP meetings. The Virtual School also has a Virtual School Head called Tony Barnard who is supported by two managers - Vicki Taylor (Primary Team Manager) and Penny Boyd (Secondary Team Manager). We ask your school Head Teacher to provide regular information about your progress and to make sure that you are getting the support you need to achieve your best. This means we can see how you are getting on and offer extra help when you need it.

The Virtual School is based at County Hall in Leicestershire and works with your schools across the county and in other areas of the country - wherever you are live or are educated.

  • We want to promote your education and help to solve any problems you are having at school, for example: doing homework, bullying
  • We want to support the adults in your life to help you to do your best in school: your teachers, your carer and your social worker

Even though the Virtual School doesn't exist as a real school in a real building, we are real people and here are our pictures:

The Virtual School has its own dedicated Youth Workers who are involved in organising many of the Virtual School's Participation Events and providing direct support to children in care. You can find out more about them here.

The Virtual Head also has a blog on this website - you can find it here. He will share what is happening at school for children in care. If you want to get in touch with Tony then e-mail him on virtualschool@leics.gov.uk.