The aim of the Virtual School is to promote educational achievement and positive outcomes for children in care.

As a foster carer, you are an important part of the team that includes the child's social worker, the school's designated teacher for looked after children, the Leicestershire Virtual School and anyone else who has an influence on the child's life.

Education is not just about school, it is about everything! Everything the child experiences in everyday life, the things that stimulate, excite, motivate and inspire them, which arouse curiosity and a desire to learn.

The Virtual School supports carers to understand how previous life experiences impact on a child and how, as adults, we can support them to grow and develop and fulfil their potential.

Through foster carer training, we share tips and strategies to support you in helping our children succeed in education, preparing them for adulthood and independence, a journey that starts early in life and progresses through primary school, secondary school, into post-16 education, employment and training (EET) and beyond.

We want you to be involved in developing your foster child's education; we aim to help you to feel comfortable and confident in speaking to schools, teachers and other education professionals.

Education Information

The Virtual School has compiled a handbook for foster carers which is given out at our foster carer training. This handbook provides helpful information for all foster carers on education and how to support your young people. Some of the information in this handbook can be found by clicking on the link below.

Contact us

If you need to contact the Leicestershire Virtual School please email us at, or call us on 0116 305 6097.

Our office hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday - 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Friday - 8:30am to 4:30pm

We are open all year round (excluding bank holidays), including during school holidays. We aim to respond to any emails within 3 working days.

Useful Links

Here are some links to websites that will give you some ideas about supporting your foster child's learning in the home.