What has the County Council promised you?

In November 2011, we consulted (spoke) with groups of children in care and care leavers about how well they thought the Council was doing with keeping to The Pledge. As you might have seen (if you have taken a look!) The Pledge is huge so we had a lot of information to take on board!

What we noticed was that of the young people we consulted there were 6 main points that proved to be most important so we took these and made them into The Promise. Young people told us that these were the most important things for us to get right...

Have a look and see what you think about how well we are doing with our promises to you. Let us know - good or bad - it's important that we get it right for you. Contact Us.

1. Social worker visits

Your social worker should visit you at least once every 6 weeks, if that's what you want. If you don't want to see them that much, that's fine and you can agree with them how it will work best for you. Once you have been in your placement for a year and that placement is agreed as your long term placement, your social worker visits must be at least every 3 months.

2. Your calls to be answered within 24 hours

If you contact your social worker, there should be an arrangement in place that they get back to you within 24 hours and if not them then one of their team - ideally someone that you might know but this is not always possible. Your social worker should have given you information about how to get in touch with them e.g. their office number, mobile number, email etc and if they are not available other details of who you can speak to. The great thing about this website is you can get in touch with them right here too - Contact Your Social Worker!

3. You can have a say

You have a right to be involved in the decisions made about you. You have a VOICE and your VOICE needs to be taken seriously. A great way to make yourself heard is to go to your Review Meetings and tell your IRO and other people there how things are going and what you want to happen. Another thing you can do is to become a member of the Children in Care Council. New members are always welcome!

4. You will have the right money

Your money needs to be right, even if you've moved. This is really important for care leavers and we've promised to make sure it is. You shouldn't have to worry or chase your weekly payments.

5. Information is easy to understand

We know that you get loads of information and reports and letters (blah blah blah!), most of the time this stuff is really important so they need to be easy to understand. If they're not you need to tell us!

6. You can access the internet safely

You should have access to the internet where you live, not just on your phone but at an actual laptop or computer. This might not be in your room, because that's not always safe, but you should be able to get on the internet in your house. You also need to be able to keep yourself safe online and we need to help you with that.

If you don't think these promises are being kept for you, or maybe someone else in care please let us know. Contact us via this website!