What's a Child Protection Plan all about?

A Child Protection Plan, is a plan that is made if professionals working with you think that you are at risk of significant harm. The plan will say what the specific risks are and the actions that need to be taken to try to reduce or remove the risk to make you safe. The plan is made at the Child Protection Conference. The Child Protection Plan will then be put into action and reviewed regularly at Child Protection Conferences and Core Group meetings.

What do the categories of harm mean?

Neglect<br /><br />Physical Abuse<br /><br />Sexual Abuse<br /><br />Emotional Abuse

What does it mean for me?

You will have a social worker, who is a specialist Child Protection Social Worker. They will visit you at least every xx weeks. They are there to try to keep you safe, to listen to you and to support you. There will be lots of meetings about you, if you are over 10 years, then you should be invited to attend some, or all of these meetings. The meetings are called Child Protection Conferences, and Core Groups.

What if I don’t want to be on a Child Protection Plan?

We know that it is not an easy thing to be subject to a Child Protection Plan, but the law says that if you are at risk of significant harm then Specialist Services Departments have a duty (they have to) to make a Child Protection Plan. The plan is there to try to keep you safe and to make the risk less so that you don't need to be on a Child Protection Plan anymore. Please talk to someone about what would make being on the plan better for you. You can talk to your social worker or the Chair of the Child Protection Conference or the Children's Rights Officer if you want to speak to someone a little more independent.

When does it end?

If the professionals working with you decide that you are safe and the risks you face or either gone, or much less then there will be a final Child Protection Conference where a vote is taken to end the Child Protection Plan. You, and your family, will then be supported in a different way, depending on what is decided.