Caring About Reading had a great time in August, running some activites for this year's Summer Scheme at Beaumanor Hall.

As well as taking part in sports and activities, everyone got a chance to take part in some book-related adventures to bring some popular stories to life!


We shared some bug-based stories (including a fantastic telling of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Megan!), then went on a REAL bug hunt in in the fields. People found May-flys, a dragon fly, snails, slugs, spiders and lots of teeny-tiny frogs! At the end we let them go, and made our own bugs out of pipe-cleaners and pom-poms to take home.


Today our theme was magic, with the younger children joining Winnie The Witch on a spooky adventure, and the older group paying a visit to Mr Ollivander's wand shop. Everyone got the chance to design and make their own REAL* magic wand using sticks, hot glue and loads of glitter!

(*this is not strictly true)


We went on a REAL* Bear Hunt We battled through swishy-swashy grass, deep dark woods and even a bit of light rain, and found a whole host of bears, including a Gruffalo, a mouse and all his woodland friends.

(*they might have been toy bears...)


On Thursday we had a visit from George and his horrible Granny and everyone took part in making a REAL* Marvelous Medicine in an ENORMOUS saucepan.

First everybody had fun naming the ingredients

After we had made it most people had a taste of the foaming, sloppy mixture, and we all felt AMAZING afterwards!

(* well, it tasted yucky anyway)

George and Grandma


On Friday everyone got to make their own book, and we had a great party afterwards with a bouncy castle where everyone got medals, party bags, and a book to keep!!!