When things aren't going so well...

Sometimes when children are in Foster Care there are some problems and difficulties that could cause your placement to end if they are not sorted out. At these times the Social Workers, their Managers, your carers and sometimes you, will meet up to try and see if there is anything that can be done to help out - this is the Stability Meeting. Your Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) should be told and sometimes they will be involved in the meeting too. Everyone will work together to try and make sure you can stay in your placement if that is what you want to happen. Sometimes children are not happy in their placement and it is important that you speak to someone about how you feel so we can do something to help.

What happens at a Stability Meeting?

At a stability meeting the main aim is to try and make things better and more settled for the young person. We will talk about what is going well, what is not going well and a plan will be agreed so that it is clear what needs to happen and who needs to do what, to make sure any problems are sorted out.

When do Stability Meetings happen?

Stability meetings take place when

  • a child does not feel listened to and they feel angry because of this
  • the carer is unhappy because the child they are caring for is making life difficult for everyone in the home
  • the child has no choice about things that are happening in their lives, like when you see your Mum and Dad
  • children are running away and putting themselves in danger

After a stability meeting it is important that you are told what has been talked about and if you want to, you should be able to attend some of the meeting.