A Helping Hand...

Here in the Corporate Parenting Team we have a number of things in place that are designed to give you a little bit of extra support, on top of what your social workers, carers, teachers etc do for you on a day to day basis. Have a look - see if there is something you might be interested in. We are always looking for new ideas, and the ones we are working on at the moment we will include when they are set up. In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions then get in touch - Contact Us.

Learning to drive

We will pay the cost of your provisional licence and pay for the theory and practical test. We will also match fund any lessons that are paid for up to a maximum amount of £150 each application.

So, lets say you have saved £50 towards lessons then we will match this with another £50 so you have £100 altogether! When you have saved your next lot of money we will match that too.

There is no limit to what we will match overall just £150 max. each time

Don't forget to speak to your social worker before you book any lessons or apply for your licence - we need to agree with you beforehand that we are happy to provide some money, rather than you ask us after you have spent it!

There is a form to fill in - your social worker needs to do this, so ask them and they will pass it onto us in Corporate Parenting. You can download the form below.



We can provide brand new computer or laptop packages, including a printer, to your carers if you are in school up to 16. e-safety advice is available too so you can be supported to use your computer and internet safely.

If you are aged up to 16, we provide the computer to be shared by all young people in the same placement.

If you are 16+, we can provide a laptop for just you to use, provided you are in further education, employment or training. Download the form below and ask your social/key worker to fill it in for you.

Snibston & Bosworth

You are entitled to a free pass to Snibston Discovery Park and Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre.

Have you ever been? If not, get yourself along there - you will have a great time!

Check them out here:




Ever heard of Centre Stage?

Different dance, drama and music companies and performers tour around local venues in Leicestershire (as well as Rutland) putting on shows and they run a free ticket scheme each year from September to May.

This scheme offers 4 free tickets for each show and one of you in the group attending must be a child in care.

There are not a huge amount of tickets available - limited to 4 tickets per performance for all families. As such they are offered on a first come, first served basis and we try to share them between families.

Please look through the brochure as soon as possible and work out your choices in order of preference then let us know.


Activ8 Swimming

Activ8 cards are available for all of you under 16 to go swimming.

The great thing is, they allow you, your carer and carer's children to swim!

Great way of being healthy and having fun!


This fund is run by the Children in Care Council (CICC) – Each young person in care that applies, has up to £150 per year available to spend on taster sessions for activities, equipment for activities or sometimes school trips. Please speak to your social worker to complete the form and make sure it is completed fully. Please give as much information as possible and a breakdown of costs – the CICC need as much information as possible to assess the applications. You can download the form below.