Bookworm, Boomerang and Letterbox Clubs

Reading is fun! You can lose yourself in a good book. Books have lots of really useful information in to help you study. From this summer all children from reception to year 7 will be able to take part in a reading club.

If you are aged 4 to 7 years, you will be our Bookworm Club. You will have a parcel with a book and something to do sent to your home each month.

If you are in Year 1, Year 3 ,Year 5 or Year 7 you may be in our Letterbox Club. You will get a parcel with two books and a maths game in it sent to your home from May to October.

A book club for children in Year 4 and 6 called Boomerang Club will also run from May to October.

Lots of children have said it is great fun to get the parcels. They like to read the books and keep them.

Other children's views of the parcels include:

"Ripping it open is like a Christmas present"

"I feel cared for"

"Opening the parcels feels like doing a handspring over the vault in gymnastics"

Send us your Bookworm, Boomerang and Letterbox Reviews!

We hope you like your book parcels and would love to receive your thoughts, reviews and stories on your favourite books. We will put some of these on this page for others to read and enjoy.

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