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So you are at primary school...

It is really important that we all help you to do well at primary school.

Our staff will talk to your teachers to see if you need any extra help to catch up in your literacy and numeracy.

Your school will help you to get ready for SATs. School may give you SATs revision guides.

If you have any problems in school we can talk to your teacher.

You may have a one to one tutor in school to help to do your very best.

Before you move up to high school or secondary school, we will have an extra PEP meeting (called a transition meeting) to talk to your new teacher. You can meet your new secondary school teacher and ask any questions you want to.

Reading and Book Clubs

Reading is fun! You can lose yourself in a good book. Books have lots of really useful information in to help you study. This summer all children from reception to year 7 will be able to take part in a reading club. Well done to all the children taking part!

Don't forget to go to your local library to keep reading. The 'Caring About Reading' Team can help you too.

Letterbox Club is for children in years 1, 3, 5 and 7 and runs from May to October.

If you are 4 to 6 years old you will be in our Bookworm Club, the reading club for younger readers.

A new book club for children in year 4 and 6 called Boomerang Club will also run from May to October.