Guidelines for spending Pupil Premium Plus (PPP) money for Looked After Children

The Pupil Premium: Conditions of Grant 2018-19 (external link) stipulate that the Virtual School Head should work with schools to ensure that PPP money is spent to the educational benefit of the eligible child and its use should address the individual child's needs as identified in the Personal Education Plan (PEP).

Arrangements for the distribution of PPP for the education of Leicestershire LAC - 2018-19

Different Local Authorities have adopted a variety of approaches for the administration of distribution of Pupil Premium Plus. The document below details the arrangements for the distribution of Pupil Premium Plus for the education of children in care.

Use of Pupil Premium Plus for looked after children

Consideration should be given as to whether the child is making expected academic progress. If the child is not making expected progress, focus should turn to the reasons for not doing so, as there may be social, emotional, or mental health (SEMH) issues that need to be addressed before a child can access learning. SEMH concerns should be discussed with the child's social worker and relevant professionals before PPP is allocated to support this need.

If measures are already in place to address SEMH issues, consideration should be given to investing in supplementary maths and English provision (or any other subject identified as requiring support). Even if the child is making expected progress, it may support the child to make further progress and facilitate even more positive educational outcomes.

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