Posted: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 19:00 by Gareth Banks

Virtual School Tall Ships 2017 Day 2 - Blog 6

Hello from the Virtual School (wahooo) Today we are in Buckler's Hard and it has been raining all day ☹. We learned how to put the sails up and down and how to tack the boat.

Alannah and Sian have been singing to us all day as they seem to have a song for everything!!

This morning we went shopping and had to take the dingy to the shore. The motor cut out though and we ended up rowing to land instead. Alannah an Sian were using the kettle this afternoon and thought it poured really slowly, luckily Amelia was on hand to tell her she was trying to pour the water through the whistle hole. We were hoping to go for a walk this evening but as its still raining we are giving it a miss.

Tonight we are going to do some navigation and go to bed.

By Alannah, Sian and Kayleigh W

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