Posted: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:18 by Gareth Banks

Virtual School Tall Ships 2017 - Final blog

And its goodbye from us ..

Well the week is over and Martin from the Virtual School has arrived in the minibus to pick us up. We have all been awarded our level 1 start yachting award and Kayleigh our senior member has gained her level 2 competent crew award.

We are all a bit sad to leave but also looking forward to a good nights sleep in a comfy bed.

Here are our final comments ...

We enjoyed the trip because ... We got to go new places and do things you can't do at home (Kayleigh W)...I have gained an interest in sailing and also in nature in general (Dylan) ... I made new friends and learnt new things (Alannah) ... It has been really good working with all these young people, out of all the residentials I have run these young people have been the best behaved (Kerry)

We have learnt ... How to sail during the night (Asa) ... How to tie different knots (Sian) ... And how to cook for ourselves (Dylan) ... How close friends you can make in a week even if you didn't know people before (Alannah)

Our comments for next years year 11s ... If you get the Chance , do it! (Josh) ...I didn't think I'd enjoy it but it's literally great (Kayleigh B) ... Don't forget you can get picked for this trip by trying hard in your education (Sam) It's a really good trip and you will enjoy it (Kayleigh W)

So that's it from us for 2017 but once more for the road from us all ... I say Virtual School you say Woo-Hoo !

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