Posted: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:20 by Gareth Banks

The weather doesn't stop us .. Its tipping it down but we are sailing, playing monopoly, and making lunch all at the same time. Most of us packed for the summer so we are grateful of the waterproofs provided and who knew that sunglasses also make great rain goggles ! Kerry the Virtual School youth worker is helping us with all the activities and Josh has given Sam an allowance of how many times she is allowed to say Virtual School during the week!

Kayleigh B Sian and Alannah are all choir members so have been encouraging us all with suitable songs as we haul ropes and tack the boat. Row row row your boat, big waves on the ocean and swim swim swim so far!

We also had a really good conversation about our priorities for post 16, the changes that will happen when we reach 18 and the effect it can have on us and our education, which is a worry for us all ! A few of us are on the CICC and we might bring it up at our next meeting.

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