Posted: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 09:50 by Gareth Banks

Virtual School Tall Ships Day 3 - Blog 7

Another breakfast another educational conversation !

Morning all .. So today over breakfast it was our senior member Kayleigh Ws turn to chat to us all about education. She explained about the 16-19 bursary and bus passes and how we apply for them.

Then she told us how we can make sure we get to go on educational trips ... Apply straight away so you don't miss out and then talk to student services or your college DP and Virtual School about the cost is her advice, it turns out most colleges have a fund to help us pay for these and Virtual School may be able to help with PEA money too! She has managed to get a trip to Venice with her Art class reduced to £100 from £600 – nice!

We are now all cleaning up ready to set sail for the day.

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