Posted: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 09:01 by Gareth Banks

TALL SHIPS 2016; Day 2

Today's blog post is by Ismat, I am here for my second trip as I got picked last year as the senior member. That means I get to come back and help support the younger crew members.

Today we started off with breakfast then we started off sailing from Cowes and we sailed to Old Harry Rocks. That is where we stopped for lunch and then we practiced how to up the sails.

Today we have learnt how to put up the sail and tack the boat. Another thing we leaned was how to helm the boat which we all took part in.

Today we are feeling tired I particularly felt sea sick and didn't like it. I didn't throw up but I was close ! We heard that boat 4 had all thrown up so that made us feel better ! Other than that the day was great and we all had fun.

Our message to other young people in care is that it is an amazing experience coming on this trip and for me since its my second time I think it's totally worth it. For those who work hard this is a reward that they totally deserve.

To the Virtual School I would say advertise and spread the message to more and more young people to make them aware of things like this and what the Virtual School does.

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