Posted: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 09:11 by Gareth Banks

TALL SHIPS 2016; A sunny day

Today's blog post is by Kayleigh and Ana. Today we went to a saltwater swimming pool that had an inflatable obstacle course on. The water was very cold ... that must be why Sam cheated and hired a wetsuit! We got used to it though.

Then when we were back on board we learnt how to handle a man over board situation. We threw 'little Chris' - a fender - overboard and tried to rescue him. However he got stuck under the boat and we had to send big Chris out in the dinghy to save him! We also learnt a lot about what the Virtual School does too.

Today we were all feeling quite stressed and sleepy at the start of the day, however the inflatable course really cheered everyone up.

Our message to other children in care who are interested in this trip is that it is a really unique opportunity that you don't get to do normally. It's really good so try hard at school so you get the chance to come too.

To the Virtual School we suggest maybe a Facebook page so young people can find out more about you, and make sure all the foster carers know what you do so they can tell us !!

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