Posted: Tue, 05 Mar 2013 14:06 by Judith Jones

Senior Managers Conference

On Tuesday 5th March 2013, Judith (Corporate Parenting Team Manager) and Priya (Chairperson of the CiCC) delivered a presentation about Corporate Parenting for the Chief Officers, Senior Leaders and Managers ( basically all the BIG bosses) of the County Council at their Senior Managers Conference in The Council Chamber.

It was a nerve wracking experience, as there were 60 managers there (GULP!) but we soon got into the flow of it and it was a big success.

Priya was fabulous and was described as doing "...exceptionally well!"

Our main aim was to get the message across that Corporate Parenting is the responsibility of the whole council and not just Children & Young People's Service and that their support is needed for all our children in care and care leavers, just like one big family. We gave them some ideas about how they could help make a difference and asked them to come up with some of their own and get back to us so we could put them into action.

I am pleased to tell you that our mission was accomplished - we had some really good feedback and suggestions. As a result, The Corporate Parenting Team has started working with a number of people on a number of things that we think will help make a difference for you, so watch this space for more news as this starts to happen. We will keep you updated!

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