Posted: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 17:24 by Catriona Candler

On Saturday 16th February, Priya, Sarah, Sam and Catriona went to London to take part in an annual event 'Working Together We Can Make Things Better'. There were CiC and care leavers there from all around the country as well as staff from different county councils and some councillors.

It was an Open Space event, which means that we all decided what discussions we would have and what groups we could attend and listen in on. You could leave and move to a different group at any time, which was good if you wanted to discuss more than one thing at the same time. It was run by 3 organisations: Voice (who run advocacy services for children in contact with social services around the country), ANV (A National Voice, which is an organisation that is made up of care leavers and speaks out for CiC) and the NCB (National Children's Bureau).

You can read the report if you're interested to find out what CiC from all around the country thought on different subjects. If you would like to go on trips like this and represent Leicestershire's CiC then join the CiCC! Contact Sam, if you'd like to join.

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