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TakeTheRISC is all about making safe clued up choices when it comes to your relationships and sexual health. The facebook page is designed to shatter any myths you may have about sex, puberty and relationships and tell you how it really is!

Relationships and Sex

Our relationships with others are key to our happiness and fulfilment – from our relationships with family, friends and peers to our sexual relationships.

Having a sexual relationship with a partner is a normal and healthy part of life. To show affection to another person and to share enjoyment and excitement is part of the sexual experience.

The decision of when to start sex is a very personal one: no one else can make that decision for you, and no one should pressure you into having sex - if you have any worries seek advice from an adult you trust.

Remember though that legally you should not have sex until you and your partner are 16.

Don't get stressed by thinking that everyone is having sex. Most people don't have sex until they are over 16, and lots more wait until they are older and in a long-term relationship. Remember some people may not tell the truth about whether they have had sex.

If you have made the decision to start having sex, use contraception every time to protect you and your partner. There are many types of free contraception available, discuss the options with your partner. It is your shared responsibility.