beginning with "P"

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This stands for Personal Education Allowance. It is a sum of money that can be used to fund 1:1 tuition in English and/or Maths. Your ECiC Teacher or Social Worker can apply for this on your behalf.


This is a doctor with a special qualification in looking after the health of children.

Parental Responsibility

The rights, duties and responsibilities that a parent has over their child by law. All mothers and most fathers have parental responsibility (PR for short) automatically, but it can be taken away and given to a Local Authority, or someone else by a court. If you don't know who has PR for you ask your social worker.

Pathway Plan

This is about your future and your hopes and plans for when you eventually leave care.


A Personal Education Plan. This sets out plans for your education and helps your carers, teachers and social workers to plan any special arrangements to help your learning.


To support or actively encourage something.