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Designated Teacher

This is someone at school who has the job of making sure that looked after children in the school are doing okay, that they aren't being bullied and that they are getting on okay with work. If you are looked after and you're not sure who the designated teacher is at your school then you could ask your form tutor or get in touch with the 'virtual headteacher'.

DfE - The Department for Education

The DfE is the branch of the government in London that deals with education. They publish all sorts of advice and education laws for local authorities and schools.

Domestic Abuse

When someone is hurt, emotionally bullied or controlled by a partner (or ex-partner), girl/boy friend or close family member.


Dyslexia is a condition that affects young people (and adults) and their ability to read, write and spell. Dyslexia is considered to be a learning difficulty but is not related to how clever a person is. Dyslexia doesn't have one symptom but if you have difficulty with writing, spelling or reading - or get your b's mixed up with your d's, then you may be dyslexic and you should talk to someone about this, either your carer, Social Worker or a teacher at your school. There is plenty of help available for people who are dyslexic.


Dyspraxia is a condition that affects young people and adults and their ability to move and coordinate themselves. A person with dyspraxia may have poor coordination and balance, difficulty remembering and following instructions and can sometimes be marked as 'clumsy' - if you think that you are Dyspraxic then you should talk to someone about this and see what help might be available.