Games for you...

The Who Cares Trust have created a series of fun mini games, we hope you like them!

Rally Racer

Zoom around the office desktop in this 3 lap rally racing challenge. Try and outrun the pace car and clock a best lap time to enter in the driver's leaderboard.


Twist and Turn to collect all of the numbered stars... But beware as your twister grows out of control not to bump into any of the walls or yourself!

Virus Attack

Destroy all of the infected cells using your bat and ball. Battle your way through 8 levels of increasing difficulty to defeat this Virus Attack!


How far can you throw the Frisbee? See if you can out-do your best score in this game of skill.

Space Station Zero

Take control of the Space Station Zero in this Tetris style puzzle game. Simply fit the falling blocks into rows to score points and prevent the wall from reaching the top of the screen.

Cyberspace Adventures

Here you can travel through the SMART planets and collect data about the Internet, with the aim of collecting message capsules on each planet.