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  • Foster Carers look after you in their own home
  • You will be treated like one of their own family
  • Each Foster Carer has a Social Worker to help them do a good job
  • You will also have your own Social Worker to talk to
  • Have a look in the last section for a leaflet aimed at your age group

Different types of Foster Carers

In Leicestershire we have lots of Foster Carers that offer different types of placements. Some carers only look after children for a while; this might be because their parents are unable to care for them for a short period of time, or because Social Workers are seeing if it's OK for a child to return to live with their parents. Other carers look after children for a long time, in some cases until they are old enough to look after themselves.

What you can expect from your Foster Carer

We want to make sure that your carer is looking after you in the best possible way and we ask that they:-

  • Treat children in their care, as they would their own child, by including them in all family activities, holidays, celebrations and outings.
  • Offer lots of help and support to children so that they feel part of the family.
  • Treat children kindly, listen to them, and make sure people working with them know how they feel and what they want to happen.
  • Work with others who offer support to you, for example your parents, and teachers. This is important to make sure everyone is doing the best for you.
  • They help you keep in touch with your family, friends and anyone that is important to you.
  • Make sure they help you celebrate special occasions like your birthday and they will also support you in faith-based activities or to celebrate religious occasions.
  • Keep you safe and tell the Fostering Team and your social worker about anything that is important.
  • Make sure carers have lots of training so that they understand you better and the way in which you need to be cared for.
  • Help you to go to activities and do fun things that you may want to try.

Foster Carer's Social Worker

All Foster Carers have a social worker, in the same way that you have a Social Worker, they are called Supervising Social Workers and their job is to make sure your carer is doing their best for you in every way they can. They check that your carer is keeping you safe, listening to how you feel when you are having a hard time, check that you have everything you need for school. They make sure that your carer gives you some choice in what you eat and what you wear; they check your carer gives you pocket money, takes you to the doctor if you feel poorly and anything else you may need.

All you need to know about being fostered

There are three leaflets to help to answer any questions you may have about being fostered. They are aimed at different age groups. You can click below to download the one for you.