What am I entitled to receive?

Being cared for by Leicestershire County Council entitles you to certain things. The links below set out what these entitlements are. If you need someone to explain these more clearly to you, get in touch with Elaine (Children's Rights Officer).

Elaine - elaine.constable@leics.gov.uk

Phone - 0116 3056302

Pocket money & Personal allowances

All school age children should receive pocket money. This can be given to you as cash each week or some may be given to you and the rest saved. Carers should open a bank account for you. Any pocket money should always go with you when you move placements.

Carers can withhold some pocket money as a sanction however you are always entitled to receive at least 1/3rd.

Young people over the age of 16 in foster care should receive an allowance from their carer that includes money for personal use, clothing and toiletries allowance. This is so that you can start to get used to having to manage your money and learn to budget. How this is done will need to be agreed for each individual young person at their children's review.

Clothing allowances

It is important that all children in care have appropriate clothing that fits them. There is a list of minimum items that everyone should have – your carer or social worker should discuss this with you.

When you move into a new placement your carer should make a list of what clothing you have. Depending on your age and placement you may be given some of your clothing allowance to spend independently.

Money when young people live independently

If you are under 18 and live in a placement where you have to buy some or all of your food and pay bills you will be paid a personal allowance. This will be based upon the amount you would receive if you were able to claim benefits. If you are provided with one or more meals in your placement the amount you receive will be lower to take this into account.

Leaving Care Grant

There is a grant for young people who leave care and have their own tenancy. This is discretionary and young people will work with their support worker to identify what they are going to need. The current grant is set at £1075 (2012).

The Children in Care Service will purchase a young person's first TV license out of their Leaving Care Grant. Young people will also be helped to set up an appropriate payment plan to save up for their next TV licence.