This Act has 2 main aims

  1. to make sure that young people don't leave care until they are ready
  2. to make sure that care leavers get enough support when they do leave care.

It says that the Local Authority is responsible for care leavers until they are 21, or 24 if they are in full time education.

Pathway Plan

The Children (Leaving Care) Act, says that eligible and relevant young people must have a Pathway Plan before their 16th Birthday. The Pathway Plan is supposed to explain how the local authority will meet the young person's needs in education, employment, training, accommodation, financial and other support. For more information about the Pathway Plan, click here.

Personal Advisers

Local authorities are also required to provide young people in and leaving care with a Personal Adviser. The job of the Personal Adviser is to help the young person to make a successful move into adulthood from being in care.