Need help to get heard?

International and national law says that what you think matters, and that the County Council has to take what you think and say seriously. If you are in care you can receive some help and support from Elaine Constable, the Children's Rights Officer, if you want it.

It's the Children's Rights Officer's job to tell everyone what you think or to help you tell them yourself. Elaine can attend meetings that are held about you and help you when you want to raise issues about the way you are being looked after or help you when you want to make a complaint.

Who can get support?

The Children's Rights Officer for children in care and care leavers is there to provide information and support to all young people from Leicestershire who are, who have been, Looked After. It doesn't matter where you live or what type of placement it is.

How does it work?

If you are in care or a care leaver and you would like to speak to the Children's Rights Officer you can contact her yourself, or ask someone else to do this for you. You just need to let her know what you want to speak to her about and she will arrange to come and speak to you in person to get any more information she needs in order to support you.

The Children's Rights Officer for Looked After Children & Care Leavers is Elaine Constable. She is available to offer information, help and advice over the telephone, by e-mail/letter or she can come and meet with you face to face. The choice is YOURS. She is also able to attend meetings, help young people seek independent legal advice and provide support when a young person in care or care leaver wants to make a complaint about the service they have received.

All information you give the Children's Rights Officers will remain private unless you agree that it can be shared with someone else. HOWEVER where you or others are being hurt or are at risk of being hurt they may need to tell someone else. In this situation they will always make sure that you know what is going on.

It doesn't matter where you live, the Children's Rights Officer will be able to come and visit you in your placement or any other place that you have agree.

What do young people contact the Children's Rights Officer about?

Young people in care contact the Children's Rights Service for lots of reasons.

Here are some examples:

  • People making decisions without listening to what the young person wants
  • Social Worker not visiting enough
  • Having to wait too long for another placement
  • Bullying from other young people
  • Young people wanting to read what has been written about them in their files
  • Wanting someone to help you say how you are feel and anything you are not happy about at a review meeting
  • Not being offered appropriate food in your placement
  • Rules & sanctions in children's homes
  • Racism in schools or children's homes
  • Being stopped from seeing parents, brothers and sisters (sometimes there might be legal reasons for this)

Contact Elaine

Elaine Constable

Children's Rights Officer (Children in Care)

Telephone 0116-3056302

Mobile/SMS 07789081528