What is Caring About Reading?

Caring About Reading is a service to help children and young people in care enjoy reading and get the most out of books and libraries. We go to places like libraries, schools, museums and children's homes to share our love of books and reading with children in care. We think books are a great way to relax and unwind, to find out about stuff and to get lost in a different world.

Research has found that children and young people who enjoy reading do better at school than those who don't, so as well as being fun and relaxing, reading good books can help you to do your best at school without having to try… that's got to be good!

The Caring About Reading Team

Macha Barnden and Steph Strange are the Caring About Reading Team. You may have met us giving out books at the Celebration of Achievement Event, met up with us at a library, been to one of our Chatterbooks sessions, or be one of the people we see reglularly. We are passionate about books and reading, and love to try and help people find a book that they will enjoy.

What Are You Reading?

Love it? Hate it? Rate it!

We love to hear about the books you have been reading, and you can share what you've been reading or listening to here.

So whether you love it or hate it - rate it!

Tell us:

  • The title and author
  • what age you think it is for
  • what you thought was good or bad about it
  • what you liked or didn't like
  • How many stars you would give it (0-5, with 5 being the best)

You might also want to tell us:

  • whether it is like any other books you know
  • what the characters are like
  • what sort of book it is (sometimes called the 'genre')
  • who you would recommend it to
  • about other books you have read by the same author

Send your reviews to Caring About Reading

Recommended Reads

Have a look at what's being recommended at the moment on our Great Reads page. If you don't feel like reading any of our recommended books the library website can help you find something that is more suited to you. Click here to find out more.

Not Reading a Book at the Moment? Why Not…

  • Check out our Great Reads
  • Head to a library and ask them to see what they can find that interests you – library staff are there to help you find books that you'll enjoy
  • Challenge us to find a book for you
  • Try Who Next?, which aims to find books to try based on authors you have enjoyed reading

Caring About Reading events and activities

Chatterbooks Club

Caring About Reading runs two Chatterbooks sessions a month aimed at 8-12 year olds, although we have a few older members! The sessions take place when the library is closed, and provide a chance to hang out with other children in care. In the sessions we play games,do art and craft activities, recommend books and websites to each other, and sometimes read books by the same author in between sessions.

The sessions are run at South Wigston Library and Burbage library on a Wedneday after school from 3.30pm until 4.45pm. See below for the forthcoming schedule of dates, or let us know if you would like a Chatterbooks session at a library near you!

Chatterbooks Dates- Summer Term 2013

South Wigston Library

Burbage Library

2nd October 3.30-4.45

9th October 3.30-4.45

30th October 3.30-4.45

6th November 3.30-4.45

20th November 3.30-4.45

27th November 3.30-4.45

11th December 3.30-4.45


This year we have had great fun getting together with fun people to put on activities and events for children in care … here's some of what we've done..

What's for me at Leicestershire Libraries?

You can join the library for free, and once you are a member you can:

Find out more here

You can also borrow talking books and DVDs at some libraries, although you have to pay for DVDs. If you are a child in care you get a VIP (very important person) ticket which means that you don't have to pay for overdue books, or for making a request for a book. You can go in and get a ticket at any Leicestershire Library or you can contact the Caring About Reading team and we will get a ticket sorted for you.